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About Us

Our mission is to provide services keeping the elderly and disabled in their own homes and preventing them from having to be placed in a nursing facility. 


Our unique services are based completely on the well being of you and your loved ones. 

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Our Staff

Our staff consists of qualified home health aids and certified nursing assistants that are determined to make your loved ones feel safe and comfortable in their own homes. 


"I’d like the opportunity to thank Judy Laventure and her caring staff for the care given to my elderly aunt during my aunt’s final months.  Judy and her staff took excellent care of my 96-year-old aunt, initially requiring their services in the evenings and nights, but as my aunt’s condition started to deteriorate, we needed Judy’s help to watch my aunt around the clock.


Judy and her staff were patient and understanding and provided the needed care.  Her staff was prompt and Judy managed her staff to ensure that not only was my aunt cared for, but I’m sure she had to make sure other clients were also attended as well.  Her staff promptly and dependably gave my aunt all her needed medications and on time.  I loved my aunt, but I can also say she had a challenging personality, and some of this was due to her deteriorating mental health as well.  Because we began to know Judy’s staff well, we really began to feel more comfortable leaving her in their care knowing that she would be properly cared for.  This allowed my sister and I, along with our spouses the opportunity to continue to care for our young children and still knowing our aunt was in excellent caring hands.  My sister and I would stop by each day, sometimes several times, to check on my aunt because she was very special to my sister and I, especially following the death of both our parents when we were young.  When my aunt was younger, she was the one who looked after my sister and I following my parent’s early departure from this earth.    


I also remember that toward the end of my aunt’s life, Judy herself decided to stay with my aunt as she didn’t want her to die alone.  It was a day to day situation but due to our work and young children, we couldn’t always be there with my aunt.  I remember getting the call from Judy at 4:30 a.m. on March 1, 2006.  Judy was sad and not only did Judy come to the wake and funeral, but those on her staff who closely watched my aunt as well attended.  Although I don’t see Judy much these days, she is always in our hearts and I would strongly recommend Judy and her staff for patient care."    
-- George Bourisk, Grafton Massachusetts 

"This is another sample testimonial from another sample source." -- Yola,Worcester Massachusetts

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